VIDEO: Outer Banks’ sea turtle baby boom underway

A sea turtle hatchling heads for the ocean in Nags Head on July 28, 2019. [Screenshot from N.E.S.T. video]

This season’s bumper crop of sea turtle nests along the Outer Banks is now turning into a baby boom as eggs hatch and babies head for the ocean.

The Town of Nags Head posted a video Sunday of a nest boil (a term for when the nest hatches) and a tiny sea turtle scooting his way to the water.

“Here’s one for your bucket list — catch a sea turtle boil and watch the hatchlings make their way to the ocean,” the town wrote in a Facebook post. “Tonight’s boil (at Nags Head’s Barnes Street public beach access near MP 10.5) brought to you by N.E.S.T. (Network for Endangered Sea Turtles).”

You can help give newly-hatched a fighting chance by doing your part to limit light pollution.

Hatchlings are programmed to head towards the brightest horizon, the ocean in the absence of manmade lighting. Without intervention, beach front lighting frequently disorients turtle hatchlings and can prevent them from making it to the ocean.

“Thanks to all the NEST volunteers for all you do and thank you for taking the video!” the town wrote.

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