Sand pumping sprinting towards the finish line off South Nags Head

The big beach toys moving sand north of Jennette’s Pier on Sunday morning. [photo courtesy Town of Nags Head/Facebook]

The Nags Head beach renourishment project reached another milestone over the weekend, as sand pumping operations moved south of Jennette’s Pier off Whalebone Junction.

Workers are now moving quickly along South Nags Head towards the Outer Banks Pier to connect with the area that was widened earlier this summer.

Just over two miles of beach is left to get sand in the 10-mile-long, $42.7 million dollar project.

Construction typically progresses 5,000 feet on each side of a submerged line that connects to a dredge offshore. Once construction has been completed 5,000 feet in each direction, work will then move to another submerged line and the process will begin over again.

Dune grass sprigging and erection of sand fencing along the dunes is continuing in the mile post 19 to 21 area, which was the first section to get sand back in early June.

The stabilization project will move south to the town line at mile post 21 and then will progress north from Juncos Street.

Beachgoers are asked to use caution in this area so as not to step on the newly installed fencing or the delicate plantings. Use the pathways that are being created for access to the beach. Successful sand stabilization is critical to holding the delicate shoreline in place, so treat the new fencing and sprigging with care.

Several parking spaces at the Juncos Street public beach access are being used by the sand fencing and sprigging contractor, but the access remains open.

The Forrest Street public beach access near mile post 15.5 remains closed to parking, however pedestrians may still use the access.

If all stays on track, the project could be finished around Labor Day.

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