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Calling the Outer Banks Home for the better part of his adult life, Christian came to the beach one summer to work while in college, and basically never left. A self-proclaimed, “nice, fun at a party” kinda guy, he always has a radio on and continues to be a treasure trove of mostly useless, yet somehow useful knowledge.  Recently welcoming a daughter into the world with his girlfriend Amanda, 2020 has been full of surprises. You can catch him as a performing musician around town, or on-air weekday mornings from 6-10 am.

Weekdays 2-7 PM

Kevin Walker

This Iowa native claims he was attracted to a career in radio mostly because of the flashy, form-fitting uniforms that he gets to wear and the early hours allow him to pursue his dream of caddying on the PGA Tour. His favorite things, not necessarily in the correct order, are pizza, beer, his two daughters Kaitlyn and Kamdyn, his wife Katie, and the family dog Kinnick. You can hear him weekdays from 2-7 PM on BIG 94.5.

Weekends 6-10 AM

Kidd Kennedy

Kidd Kennedy brightens up your weekends on BIG 94.5. Growing up in Iowa, the Kidd began his radio career while attending Drake University in Des Moines. Several years after graduating, he moseyed down to Texas for six months, (which he says seemed as if it were six years), then headed east where he served the U.S. Congress as a Communications Director. While in Washington, DC he also kept his fingers in broadcasting where he did voiceovers on numerous state, regional and national television and radio commercials and also narrated a variety of programs for Voice of America.

In Washington, the Kidd met the love of his life Shelley, with whom he just celebrated their 38th Anniversary. After 13 years in the nation’s capital, the two moved to the Outer Banks to open a group of successful Made In The USA boutiques and welcomed their daughter, Hannah, into the world. During that time, the Kidd kept his fingers in broadcasting working in OBX radio, including at Beach 104, 991. The Sound, and WCMS, among others, while also voicing commercials for local and regional television companies.

Today, after more than 25 years on the Outer Banks, the Kidd is live and local weekends on the Big 94.5 where he’s “back in the saddle, saddlebags ripping at the seams, overflowing with more of today’s new hit county.

Sundays 10 AM-3 PM

Lee Foster

Lee Foster joined BIG 94.5 in January 2020 right before the world started ending, and we’re not entirely convinced that it’s a coincidence. Lee’s story is much like many others who discovered the Outer Banks and instantly fell in love. He grew up just over the border in Chesapeake, VA, and spent seemingly every weekend of his formative years here. He always thought to himself about how wonderful it would be to live here “for real.” After working in radio for over ten years at a handful of different stations in Hampton Roads, the opportunity to live and work on the Outer Banks presented itself to him, and he took it. Aside from that, he’s an avid baseball fan and music collector, and you can hear him playing new country every Sunday from 10am ‘til 3pm on BIG 94.5!

Saturdays 10 AM-3 PM

RedCup Country with Sean “Coop” Tabler

RedCup Country is your Saturday soundtrack! The universal symbol for a good time is now a five-hour show – all party-themed music from Jason, Miranda, Luke, FGL, Kenny, and much more!

RedCup Country is hosted by Sean “Coop” Tabler. With tattoos of Michael Jackson on one arm and Garth Brooks on the other, Coop lives the perfect blend of country and party.

Country artists join in with their favorite RedCup party song requests. Every hour of the show we feature a MASHVILLE™ Mini-mix – four hot country songs mashed together and beat mixed, perfect tailgatin’ or on the dance floor!

Saturdays 7 PM-Midnight

B-Dub Radio

Bryan “B-Dub” Washington brings the party every Saturday night! He brings the fun with today’s biggest country hits, interviews with country’s established and rising superstars, and much more from 7 PM until midnight.