Outer Banks Mom: Sharing our sandy family adventures in a new space

The Kriegs, from above. [Photo by www.ryanandrach.com]

I could sit and watch the pelicans wind surf in rainbow colored sea spray for hours. I love watching them soar over the waves as if they were dodging the highest mountain peeks before dipping into the lowest valley.

Along with hunting for seaglass, watching the wildlife here on the Outer Banks is one of my favorite ways to enjoy the beach. It’s somewhat therapeutic. I can only imagine how beautiful it is from a birds eye view.

A bird’s eye view. [Photo by www.ryanandrach.com]

Without a doubt, the Outer Banks is a unique place. The beautiful beaches and quaint towns that dot the coastline make the Outer Banks a highly desired vacation destination.

As a local mom, the family-oriented community and incredible schools make it just about the only place I’d want to raise my children. In fact, the greatest privilege of my life is that I get to be the mom of four amazing children who, on most days, couldn’t be any sweeter and who love the sand under their feet as much as I do. But parenting here is as unique as our local atmosphere.

As a local blogger, I have spent the last four years sharing bits and pieces of my Outer Banks motherhood journey. What started as a small blog has grown exponentially and I love that my caffeinated ramblings have become something that so many people look forward to. I’m excited to be joining the amazing team here at OBX Today while I share our sandy family adventures in a brand new space.

Here on my little slice of the internet, I plan to share to my experiences as a local mom, my top picks of events, family friendly restaurants, activities and so much more! By sharing a bit about our day to day on the sandbar I hope to provide a glimpse of the Outer Banks life that vacationers are curious about in hopes to find some common ground between our locals and vacationers. I truly love connecting that gap.

As a small business owner I am grateful that my photography studio is mostly a seasonal gig as I capture family portraits of vacationers on our beautiful beaches. It’s a job that I truly love as it encompasses all things family related and I enjoy meeting vacationers and hearing how they came to love the Outer Banks.

In an effort to maintain a purpose in my community during the off-season and downtime, I make giving back to our community a large part of my growth strategy. I’m excited to share some features of the amazing non profits that keep the Outer Banks afloat 365 days of the year.

While I am honored to be one of the lucky moms here on the Outer Banks I certainly don’t speak for us all. This is just my “birds eye view” and I’m grateful to get to share it.

This story originally appeared on OBXToday.com. Read More local stories here.

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