Corolla wild horses take a field trip to the lighthouse

[photo courtesy Currituck Beach Lighthouse/Facebook]

A group of Corolla’s wild horses decided to take a field trip down to some of their old stomping grounds in the village, and grabbed a snack at the Currituck Beach Lighthouse.

Several members of the herd were grazing around the beacon and quarters of the light station in the village of Corolla on Monday morning, according to a post on the Currituck Beach Lighthouse Facebook page.

Other posts on social media said several horses were spotted easily working their way through the fence erected in the 1990s that is supposed to keep the herd in the four-wheel drive area north of the village.

Several attempts have been made to repair the fence recently. One of those repairs turned into a metal gill net, snagging a number of fish when the tide was up.

Meg Puckett, herd manager at the Corolla Wild Horse Fund, said materials are in for new fencing and a contractor is set to go as soon as weather allows.

In the meantime, the CWHF has residents and volunteers keeping an eye on the horses, who come through the fencing in the evening and head for some favorite spots to graze overnight. In the morning, fund workers and volunteers go out and walk the horses back up the beach.

Puckett said there’s always some danger when the horses are walking on hard surface roads, but local residents are keeping an eye out for them.

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