Great white shark Cabot swims through Albemarle Sound near Point Harbor

Great white shark Cabot was tagged in Nova Scotia in October 2018. [Ocearch photo]

Is that the “Jaws” theme music we hear? A 9.8-foot long, 533-pound great white shark tracked by Ocearch researchers “pinged” in the Albemarle Sound in Point Harbor this week.

The shark, named Cabot, is pretty huge, and he’s not even full grown yet.

Cabot, tagged by Ocearch in Nova Scotia in October 2018, pinged in the Albemarle Sound Wednesday at 8:07 p.m., but he’s probably already moved along. Just a day before, he was swimming south through the Delmarva Peninsula.

Ocearch graphic shows Cabot’s “ping” in the Albemarle Sound.

OCEARCH research shows the Atlantic continental shelf waters off North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and the east coast of Florida are a winter hot spot for large white sharks. And the annual migration appears to be well underway. The group has tracked at least half a dozen of its tagged sharks making their way to the Gulf of Mexico in the last few weeks.

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