Corolla Wild Horse Fund: Donations saved Raymond the mule’s life

Raymond at the rescue farm. [Photo courtesy CWHF]

Since his removal from the beach almost one week ago, the northern Outer Banks’ only wild mule is settling in at the Corolla Wild Horse Fund rescue farm, braying for his breakfast and trying to find ways to escape.

The CWHF, which manages the Currituck Outer Banks’ herd of wild mustangs, is treating Raymond for issues with his feet and building him a new home at the farm in Grandy, where he will spend the remainder of his days.

Raymond at the rescue farm. [Photo courtesy CWHF]

Raymond — the legendary product of a local donkey and a wild mare — had been escaping onto the paved roads of Corolla along with a group of wild horses due to a dilapidated fence meant to keep them on the 4×4 beaches.

The CWHF made what they called the heartbreaking decision to remove Raymond last weekend as he seemed in serious pain from a foot condition, and caretakers feared he wouldn’t survive much longer.

“Raymond is unlike any of the horses we’ve ever rescued from the wild,” CWHF herd manager Meg Puckett wrote in a Facebook update. “Because he is a mule, his behavior is completely different. Not only is he very aggressive towards other horses, he is also an escape artist. He will dig, climb, jump, crawl, and push his way through fences if given the opportunity.”

Raymond at the rescue farm. [Photo courtesy CWHF]

Following Raymond’s removal from the beach, the CWHF raised more than $20,000 to help build him a mule-proof home and cover bills for his treatment.

“We cannot begin to express how deeply grateful we are for your support,” Puckett wrote. “Raymond’s vet and housing bills will be quite high, and it’s such a relief to know we do not have to worry about paying for them. You all helped saved Raymond’s life, and are ensuring his retirement at the farm will be like a long-term vacation! We tell him every day that he’s got a lot of people who love him and who are rooting for him.”

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