Tattered Frying Pan Tower flag on auction block to help Ocracoke

The somewhat shredded American flag from Frying Pan Tower is being auctioned to help hurricane victims. [Courtesy Frying Pan Tower]

The American flag that stood tall at Frying Pan Tower light station through Hurricane Dorian is now up for auction on eBay, with all proceeds going to help Ocracoke Island.

The flag, nicknamed Steve, survived the storm — though battered and torn — as thousands watched on the decommissioned light station’s live webcam.

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Last September, millions watched the same webcam as Hurricane Florence battered the tower’s former flag, which became something of a hurricane hero nicknamed “Kevin” on social media.

Richard Neal — partial owner of the towner off Bald Head Island — decided to auction this flag, like he did with the Old Glory that flew through Hurricane Florence — with proceeds going to a worthy cause.

After consulting fans on Frying Pan’s Facebook page, Neal decided the funds will go to Ocracoke Island’s disaster recovery.

On Monday afternoon, 47 people had bid for the flag, with $1,050 the highest bid.

Old Glory flying in the wind during Hurricane Dorian. [Courtesy Frying Pan Tower]

“Ripped and torn, frayed and fatigued but not destroyed,” the auction site reads. “Old Glory ‘Steve’ survived and will continue to represent us as Americans who carry on even in the worst of times.”

Last year’s flag, nicknamed Kevin, was bought by an Ohio family for $10,900 in honor of a Kevin of their own. Kevin Caruso of Charlotte died of cancer just before the flag auction closed. His brother Mike bought the flag.

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