WATCH LIVE: Frying Pan tower’s Old Glory flying again through Dorian

The American flag at Frying Pan light station is up once again as Hurricane Dorian lashes out toward the North Carolina coast — and you can watch it live on the decommissioned light station’s webcam.

[embedded content]
Last September, millions watched the same webcam as Hurricane Florence battered the tower’s former flag, which became something of a hurricane hero nicknamed “Kevin” on social media.

After the storm, Richard Neal — partial owner of the towner off Bald Head Island — auctioned the tattered Old Glory to raise money for hurricane relief.

An Ohio family bought Kevin for $10,900 in honor of a Kevin of their own.

Kevin Caruso of Charlotte died of cancer just before the flag auction closed. His brother Mike bought the flag.

“Every one of us, we all have challenges in our life,” Mike Caruso told CNN. “We all have storms that we need to get through, but just stay courageous and stand tall and stay firm.”

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