Orphaned foal Rosie ‘thriving’ with the Outer Banks’ wild horse herd

Rosie walking the beach with other horses. [Photo by Karla Etheridge, via the CWHF)

Rosie, a foal left orphaned when her mother was killed earlier this summer after running head-first into unmarked guy-wire, is growing and thriving.

The Corolla Wild Horse Fund, which manages the herd of Spanish colonial mustangs on the northern Outer Banks, posted a photo of Rosie on Facebook Wednesday walking the beach with two other horses.

“Finally got a good photo of Rosie, the foal who was orphaned when her mother ran into an exposed guy-wire a few weeks ago, and as you can see she is thriving!” the post said.

The foal’s mother was killed instantly the morning of July 12 after running into the wire. Her foal, Rosie, was the second horse born to the herd this year.

At the time, the CWHF said Rosie was old enough to survive without her mother’s milk. The fund decided to leave her on the beach and watch carefully “to give this girl a chance at carrying on her mother’s legacy  …”

“We are really glad we made the decision to give her a chance in the wild,” the CWHF said. “She is one tough girl!”

The mustang’s death was the second this summer among the herd. In June, a horse removed from the beach had to be euthanized following a devastating shoulder injury.

The CWHF manages the herd of about 100 wild mustangs roaming the four-wheel-drive beaches and a rescue farm of about 20 horses.

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