Dare County Democratic Party honors Bobby Owens, approves resolutions at annual convention – OBX Today

Dare County Democratic Party Chair Susan Sawin Welcomes Democratic Delegates to Convention. (Submitted)

Manteo, NC – The Dare County Democratic Party convened its annual convention March 16 in Manteo, passing unanimously a resolution honoring the life and service of the late Mayor Robert “Bobby” Owens. Owens served 16 years as Chair of the County Board of Commissioners as well as several terms as Mayor of Manteo. The resolution cited Owens’ legacy of instrumental contributions such as establishing the county’s reverse osmosis water system, securing a Certificate of Need for a hospital in Dare County, and advocating for youth sports and recreational programs. 

The convention also highlighted the party’s commitment to a broad range of issues, including access to healthcare, reproductive freedom, voting rights, a commitment to public education, environmental protection, workers’ rights, housing affordability, tax reform, and the rights of migrants seeking asylum. Adopted resolutions shared the common goal of promoting fairness, sustainability, and social justice.

Environmental stewardship was a key theme, with resolutions advocating for measures to safeguard North Carolina’s natural landscapes and wildlife. The party also took a firm stance on economic issues, calling for legislation that ensures a fair housing market and a tax system that equitably distributes the fiscal burden. Recognizing the invaluable contributions of immigrants to our economy and society, the party urged for more supportive policies towards asylum seekers. Furthermore, the importance of labor unions in advocating for workers’ rights was prominently featured, reinforcing the party’s dedication to the American workforce.

The convention was not only about setting a legislative agenda but also about building momentum for the electoral season. Party members elected delegates to District and State conventions and committee members who will play crucial roles in the party’s efforts moving forward. Candidates up and down the ballot had the opportunity to share their visions and strategies for victory in November, energizing attendees and strengthening the collective resolve to achieve significant wins.

“The Dare County Democratic Party is more determined than ever to push for policies that reflect our values of inclusivity, fairness, and respect for the environment,” said Susan Sawin, Chair of the Dare County Democratic Party. “Today’s convention is just the beginning. We are ready to work tirelessly to make these goals a reality, for the betterment of our community and the entire state.”