Town of Kill Devil Hills issues staunch reminder about the danger of holes on the beach – OBX Today

“No one goes to the beach expecting to leave with a broken ankle or worse,” says the Town of Kill Devil Hills under the original caption of the featured image. (Town of Kill Devil Hills/Facebook)

The Town of Kill Devil Hills took to Facebook this week to share an harrowing image reminding visitors and residents to abstain from digging deep holes along the beach.

“Digging large holes on the beach is extremely dangerous,” writes the Town in a Facebook caption. “Sand collapses occur in holes just a few feet deep. Never dig a hole deeper than it is wide. Children and adults should not dig holes deeper than their knees when standing in them.”

Furthermore, the Town notes that you are far more likely to experience a sand hole collapse than a shark attack.

If you do dig a hole on the beach, please remember to only dig shallow holes and always fill it in once you’re finished. Help keep everyone on our beaches safe from injury or death, including yourself.

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