NPS provides Cape Hatteras Lighthouse restoration project status – OBX Today

During the month of February, visitors were able to see the first visible signs of the restoration project as Stone and Lime Historic Restoration Services, Inc began staging equipment and preparing the lighthouse and surrounding grounds for construction.

Contractors closed off the active construction areas and marked pedestrian walkways to ensure uninterrupted access to the Museum of the Sea, Park Store, and restrooms. The grounds are safely open for visitation, but visitors should be aware of the ongoing construction.

Key Highlights from February 2024:

  • Stone and Lime completed construction staging mobilization. Active construction areas are secured and delineated with fencing.

  • Gravel has been set around the base of the Lighthouse to allow for a stable foundation for the scaffolding.

  • Plan to have over 70 truckloads of scaffolding delivered to the Lighthouse grounds throughout the installation process.

  • The lighthouse will be scaffolded on the exterior and interior, consisting of 28 deck levels reaching a little over 200’ tall!

  • Scaffolding installation began 2/19 and will proceed through the end of March/early April.

  • Three levels have been successfully installed. A crane arrived on scene towards the end of the month to facilitate installing the scaffolding at higher levels.

  • Preparation to begin landscape and hardscape work in March. Working progress will start adjacent to the Museum of the Sea and proceed towards the parking lots.

  • Artworks Florida continues to work on fabrication of the replica first-order Fresnel lens, having completed several brackets, mountings, and a small section of prisms.

  • Allen Architectural Metals were on-site to survey and document existing iron work and other metalwork conditions.

    Anticipated Highlights for March 2024:

    Rendering of the Cape Hatteras lighthouse with all exterior scaffolding fully installed.
  • Continued installation of exterior scaffolding and begin installation of interior scaffolding.

  • Site preparation for the exterior scaffolding elevator/lift delivery.

  • Mockups for hardscape colors and paint removal methods to be completed.

  • Visitors to expect increased preparation and work on hardscape pathways, beginning near the Museum of the Sea.