VIDEO: Seashore provides project update for Ocracoke Double Keeper’s Quarters – OBX Today

A heart shaped tool found near the foundation of the Ocracoke Keeper’s Quarters. (NPS)
Recently, Cape Hatteras National Seashore took to social media to provide a project update in regard to the Ocracoke Double Keeper’s Quarters.

Selected demolition has begun in preparation to raise the building. Stoops to porches and other entrances have started to be removed. Interesting finds during the removal of those porches include shells, coal, and brick in what we thought were solid concrete pours. Past construction shows how we use what we can find to build!

Due to Ocracoke Double Keeper’s Quarters being in its original location, any ground disturbance activity is closely monitored with our archeological team/partners.

An archeological dig was conducted exploring the existing conditions of the brick foundation at two locations to help determine means and methods of lifting the building. During that process it was revealed that the original side of the building does not have any footings under its brick foundation. A few artifacts were also collected and brought back to Manteo for further investigation, including a heart-shaped tool.

Click below to view a time lapsed video of Park Archeologist R. Simmons, Park Historical Architect G. Jaramillo, and Park Construction Manager and Architect E. Ortega conducting an archeological dig.