Sweet Remembrances and Appreciation: Funeral Homes Provide More Than Just Comfort and Support – OBX Today

(Submitted/Twiford Funeral Homes)

The Outer Banks and Northeast North Carolina – Funeral homes play an essential role in our communities, providing comfort and support to families during one of the most challenging times of their lives. Twiford Funeral Homes, a leading funeral service provider, is not only recognized for their compassion and exceptional services but also for their thoughtful gestures that extend beyond the conventional norms of funeral arrangements.

Twiford Funeral Homes’ inclusion of Hershey’s kisses, small chocolates wrapped in foil, on the tables during arrangement conferences serves as more than just a kind gesture. It symbolizes the importance of remembering and cherishing even the smallest moments of joy during times of grief. According to funeral service licensee and Twiford’s dedicated preplanning consultant Presley Eley, “Amidst the tears and sorrow, it is crucial to find solace in moments of sweetness and unity.”

Moreover, Twiford Funeral Homes recognizes the tireless efforts of local hospice nurses and staff, who provide invaluable care and support to patients and their families during their most vulnerable moments. On Valentine’s Day, Twiford Funeral Homes presents these dedicated healthcare professionals with Sweet Madeline’s Fine Chocolates, expressing gratitude and acknowledging the compassion, empathy, and unwavering commitment exhibited by the hospice nurses and staff daily.

These acts of kindness represent Twiford Funeral Homes’ commitment to enhancing the funeral experience for families and the wider community. Funeral homes play an essential role in providing comfort and support to communities. However, Twiford Funeral Homes goes beyond the expected by recognizing and valuing the significance of these small gestures. By doing so, Twiford Funeral Homes ensures that the remembrance of a loved one is not overshadowed by grief but instead is illuminated with moments of sweetness and gratitude.

At Twiford Funeral Homes, clients can expect services that reflect the values of empathy, compassion, and attention to detail, which are at the core of their services.

For more information about Twiford Funeral Homes and the services they provide, please contact Presley Eley at 252.473.2449, 252.335.4395, or by email at presley.eley@twifordfh.com.