Katie Morgan announces candidacy for Dare County Commissioner District 2 – OBX Today


My name is Katie Morgan and I grew up on the Outer Banks.

I am running to be your new Dare County Commissioner for District 2 because the lack of transparency from the current board, being led by the current Commissioner of District 2, has been very frustrating to most citizens including myself.

I plan on bringing accountability and a breath of fresh air back to the board. I also plan on making sure the public understands everything that is going on with their tax dollars behind closed doors.

I am personally upset that we have this large sum of money for “affordable housing” and the current leadership has not come up with a more creative way to distribute the funds to make something happen. One question I have is, why does it have to be one huge development being built by one non-local developer? This question along with many others will get answered when I’m elected and I will relay the answers directly to the public.

I feel like what really sets me apart from most candidates is that I am not running because I desire any type of political gain. I am truly doing this because I can not sit back and keep watching the boldness of some of these leaders with no one being able to hold anyone accountable.

I want Dare County to stay unique for my young children, for my friends, and for my neighbors.

If you’d like to chat about your ideas or concerns, please call me directly at (252)256-9773 or email me at VoteKatieMorgan@gmail.com.