Perfect safety assessment score leads to costs savings for Currituck County – OBX Today

By demonstrating an excellent employee safety program, Currituck County will save thousands of dollars in insurance costs over the next two years.

Currituck County received a perfect score on an assessment of its employee safety program performed November 8, 2023, by Michelle Harris, Risk Management Specialist with the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners. As a result, Currituck County will receive a 3% reduction in insurance premiums for the next two years for liability and workers’ compensation insurance. Currituck is a member of the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners Pooled Insurance Program.

Sanda Hill, Currituck County Finance Director, estimated the savings will be approximately $30,000 each year.

Ike McRee, County Manager, commended the effort of the Currituck County Human Resources Department for developing an effective employee safety program. The program is led by Melissa Futrell, Human Resources Director, and Victor Lasher, Risk Management Administrator.

“This is a testament to the county’s support, encouragement, and implementation of safety and safe work environment practices for the benefit of our employees’ health and safety, reduction in time away from work due to injury, and stewardship of taxpayer dollars,” McRee said.

The assessment examined five key components of Currituck’s safety plan, including Leadership and Accountability, Written Programs, Operations, Hazard Identification and Control, and Training and Staff Development. Included within each component were many requirements and action steps. Currituck County received a perfect score in every category.