Austin named Dare County Employee of the Month for September – OBX Today

Image of September 2023 Employee of the Month Angie Austin holding her Employee of the Month certificate.

Angie Austin, who serves as an administrative technician for the Dare County EMS Department, was named Dare County Employee of the Month for September 2023. The award was presented to Austin by Dare County EMS Director Jennie Collins during the Dare County Board of Commissioners meeting that was held at 9 a.m. on Monday, October 2, 2023.*

Austin began her career with Dare County on September 25, 2017, when she was initially hired as an administrative specialist for Dare County EMS before being promoted to the position of administrative technician on December 25, 2022. In her current role as an administrative technician for Dare County EMS, Austin is tasked with a variety of important responsibilities, which include serving as the Dare County EMS Department’s billing coordinator.

Image of Dare County EMS Chief Jennie Collins presenting Angie Austin with her September 2023 Employee of the Month certificate.
Image of Dare County EMS Director Jennie Collins presenting a framed certificate to Dare County EMS Administrative Technician Angie Austin.

“She has daily interactions with our billing company and the public, as well as all of the workers within the department,” said Collins. “She is the person who answers the phone when you have a billing question or if you need a report for anything—for your own insurance, for law enforcement getting reports, for the medical examiner, for tissue bank donations—all those who have a need to have a copy of the patient care report form legally—she is the one that takes care of that.”

Austin also works closely with the area hospitals and care facilities to which Dare County EMS transports patients on a daily basis, sets up scheduled ambulance transports, provides HIPAA training for EMS personnel and ensures that the department remains compliant with all of the associated federal guidelines and regulations that protect patient information from being disclosed.

In addition to these tasks, Austin is also responsible for handling requisitions for Dare County EMS Department purchase orders, assisting EMS staff members with tracking packing slips and payments, as well as setting up accounts for the various vendors Dare County partners with that support training and supplies for all aspects of emergency service delivery needs that the department performs.

“Anything that has anything to do with the finance side of operations runs through Angie’s desk,” said Collins, who went on to praise Austin for her pleasant demeanor, professionalism and ability to provide an exceptional level of customer service in every situation she encounters.

“Her nomination really was to recognize all those efforts, but she does all of this with a smile, and she is great motivation for anybody. It [can be] the grumpiest person that may be calling, and it may be full of emotion, and she can put them at ease—and even the saltiest soul will leave with a smile on their face after talking with Angie. That’s a specific talent to be able to have, and Angie certainly has that.”

Collins’ remarks were also echoed by Austin’s colleagues within the Dare County EMS Department, one of whom wrote the following in their Employee of the Month nomination form: “[Angie] is being nominated for her teamwork and willingness to assist her peers with the county’s finance and budgetary knowledge, especially during the end of the fiscal year. She does all of this with a smile on her face and in good spirits—always laughing or making jokes to keep up the morale of those around her and keeps the environment a positive one! The care and passion she provides to her peers and community is evident and sincerely acknowledged by all. We are certainly proud of her efforts and impact on others.”

*The September 2023 Dare County Employee of the Month award was presented at the Dare County Board of Commissioners’ October 2023 meeting due to the recipient being unable to attend the board’s meeting in September.