Town Hall tour at College of The Albemarle in Manteo powered by Common Cause N.C. – OBX Today

#UniteNC Town Hall Tour is coming to Dare County! Mark your calendar for this Sunday, October 1st at 6:30 p.m. at College of The Albemarle. For more information and to RSVP, go to

#UniteNC is an opportunity offered through Common Cause North Carolina. Common Cause is a non partisan grassroots organization dedicated to upholding the core values of American Democracy.

#UniteNC & Common Cause NC sends this message for Dare County:

State and local politicians are making decisions which affect your family’s health and safety, education, finances, housing, voter eligibility rules and regulations, the environment, and access to clean air and water. Ahead of more dangerous legislative proposals, regressive court rulings, a new redistricting cycle, and all-important elections, we’re coming together for a series of #UniteNC Town Halls — in your district and across the state — to hold accountability over politicians’ answers for their policies and to our priorities.

At this town hall, we’ll be 1) Inviting local and state representatives to connect with their communities 2) educating attendees about what’s happened in the North Carolina General Assembly and 3) giving attendees a chance to share their opinion on important state issues, and letting lawmakers know what they want for the future of North Carolina. We encourage you to come prepared to speak!