Outer Banks SPCA to take part in BISSELL Pet Foundation’s ‘Empty the Shelters’ Fall National event – OBX Today

To support our nation’s animal shelters and help pets find loving homes, BISSELL Pet Foundation will host its Fall National “Empty the Shelters” reduced-fee adoption event from October 1 – 15, 2023. This effort has helped nearly 190,000 pets find loving homes, making “Empty the Shelters” the largest funded adoption event in the country.

An average of 1,225 pets are adopted each day of these quarterly national events. During each nationwide event, BISSELL Pet Foundation sponsors reduced adoption fees so shelters can charge $50 or less to take deserving pets from kennels to the couches of loving homes. “Empty the Shelters” will be hosted at 345+ organizations in 42 states, including the Outer Banks SPCA (Click here for an interactive map: www.bissellpetfoundation.org/empty-the-shelters/).

Visit www.BISSELLPetFoundation.org/Empty-The-Shelters for more information.