Corolla Wild Horse Fund reminds 4×4 beach visitors to abide by rules, keep distance from horses

[Corolla Wild Horse Fund via Facebook]

There sure are a lot of people here right now! We’re glad you’re able to ring in the New Year with us, but if you’re visiting the 4×4 beach please remember that it’s still important to follow the laws put in place to keep you and the horses safe.

It’s illegal to approach, entice, touch, or harass the horses – you must stay 50ft away from them at all times, even if you are inside your vehicle. Seeing horses on the beach this time of year is a very special thing. Please be respectful and do not crowd them! And before you hit the beach, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the rules of the road and make sure that your actions do not damage the environment, your vehicle, private property, or wildlife.

Last year on New Year’s Day two-year-old filly Rabbit was hit and killed by someone driving on the beach. While it was an accident, it serves as a reminder to slow down and always be aware of your surroundings. Horses will run over the dunes in the blink of an eye. Even after 12 whole months it’s hard to believe that Rabbit is gone, and her loss will impact the genetic health of the herd for generations. Please do your part to help us keep these horses safe.

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Happy New Year! Please celebrate responsibly!