Suspect wanted for homicide in VA apprehended in Currituck County

Image courtesy Currituck County Sheriff’s Office

A homicide suspect wanted in Chesapeake, Virginia considered armed and extremely dangerous by authorities was apprehended by Currituck County Sheriff’s Office on Monday, April 4th, 2022.

At approximately 10:00 am, the Currituck County Sheriff’s Office received information from the Chesapeake Police Department that a homicide suspect, 46-year-old Ben Matthew Wynkoop, was located within their jurisdiction.

It was reported to the Sheriff’s Office that Wynkoop had left a Moyock residence and was not willing to cooperate with law enforcement.

At approximately 4:00 pm, the Currituck County Sheriff’s Office’s Patrol Sgt. and SWAT team located Wynkoop’s vehicle coming into Currituck County.

The SWAT team performed a vehicle takedown on Wynkoop’s vehicle in the area of Poyners Rd and took him into custody.

Wynkoop was taken to the Sheriff’s Office’s interview room, then processed. The Sheriff’s Offices Criminal Investigation Division is assisting the Chesapeake Police Department with the continuing investigation.