Limb and brush collection to begin Monday, April 11 for Town of Kitty Hawk

[Courtesy Town of Kitty Hawk YouTube]

Limb and branch collections for the Town of Kitty Hawk will begin on Monday, April 11th.

Brush may be placed out for removal as early as the week before the scheduled pick up. If your brush is not picked up on the designated day, be patient. It will get picked up if it meets pick up guidelines. All brush must be out by Monday morning of the scheduled week as the contractor will only make one pass per street.

Acceptable brush includes limbs, branches, and vines.

Stumps, leaves, pine straw, pine needles, grass clippings, lumber, roots, metal, trash, glass, string, concrete, rocks, etc. are considered non-acceptable brush and will not be collected.

In preparation for limb and brush collection, the Town of Kitty Hawk offers the following guidelines:

  • The Limb/Branch Removal service is only available for brush cut by homeowners. The Limb/Branch Removal service is not for contractors, landscapers or anyone doing major lot clearing. Any pile exceeding the 20 feet long and 4 feet high will be considered major lot clearing. Contractors and landscapers are responsible for their own brush removal!
  • Limbs and branches should not exceed 20 ft. long and 4 ft. in height, with all cut ends facing towards the roadno exceptions. Any pile exceeding the 20’ x 4’ will be considered major lot clearing.
  • Piles of brush should be placed within 10 ft. of the roadside in front of your property only.
  • Do not stack near utilities or fire hydrants.
  • Individual limbs can be up to 6 ft. long with a maximum limb diameter of 4 inches. The width across the branches of a single limb cannot exceed 3 feet.