8-month-old Brio the rescue foal making excellent progress

A now-healthy 8-month-old Brio paces in stride in his upgraded paddock [Photo courtesy Corolla Wild Horse Fun Facebook]

Who wants a Brio update? That’s a trick question—the answer is “who doesn’t?!” He’s doing great. Has graduated to a larger paddock where he’s got some room to stretch his legs.

We are so pleased with how much better his legs are looking. Good nutrition and hoof trimming have worked wonders. He’s clearly feeling much better and every day he acts more and more like a normal 8-month old colt.

He’s learning how to be brushed, he now walks right up to us for attention, and he is so much more alert and aware of his surroundings. His next milestone will be a bath!

Brio says hello! [Photo courtesy Corolla Wild Horse Fund Facebook]