Parking limited at Manteo Weather Tower for sewer pump station project

The Manteo Weather Tower built in 1904 has been at several locations before being relocated to the downtown waterfront in 2005. [courtesy Town of Manteo]

There will be limited parking available through late summer at the lot adjacent to the Manteo Weather Tower due to a sewer system project.

Construction of the new Shallowbag Bay Sewer Pump Station in the southeast corner of George Washington Creef Park will begin Monday, and is tentatively scheduled for completion in August 2022.

All the parking spaces on Fernando Street, which adjoin the Roanoke Island Maritime Museum, will be available according to a post on the town’s Facebook page.

This project will replace the current sewer lift station at 100 Queen Elizabeth Avenue originally constructed in the early 1940’s and most recently updated in 1992.

Due to the location of the pump station, it is subject to periodic flooding when the waters rise in Shallowbag Bay.

The project will address several deficiencies and bring the station up to current design criteria, including installation of a new cylindrical precast wet well, two submersible pumps and increased storage capacity.

A new control building will be built in close proximity to the wet well with pump controls, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition telemetry and an automatic transfer switch for a new permanent stand-by power generator.

Bypass pumping connections will be installed as well as other station components in a single location which will be flood proofed.