Construction of more new dune walkovers in Corolla ready to begin

New dune walkover at Perch Street in Corolla, which was completed last spring. [photo courtesy Currituck County]

The Currituck County Board of Commissioners on Monday approved moving forward with the second phase of a project to replace aging wooden walkways that provide pedestrian access to the beach in Corolla.

Phase 1 of the project was recently completed in 2021. The initial phase replaced the dune walkovers at Barracuda, Perch, and Sailfish streets. The overall project includes the demolition and replacement of 12 dune walkovers.

In Phase 2, the walkovers at Coral, Dolphin, and Mackerel streets will be demolished and replaced with new, 8-foot-wide structures.

Demolition of the current walkovers will begin soon, according to a county press release. Beachgoers are asked to use caution while in the vicinity of the construction sites and to not allow children to play in the work zones.

The county aims to have Phase 2 completed in time for the summer vacation season.

Phase 3 is scheduled to take place during the winter of 2022-2023 at Bonito, Marlin, and Sturgeon streets, with Phase 4 at Herring, Shad, and Tuna streets during the 2023-2024.