ARHS now taking registration for second doses of COVID-19 vaccine

Albemarle Regional Health Services has developed a registration form for second dose vaccines in their eight-county service territory.

Anyone who received his or her first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine should register for the second dose through the ARHS website at

It is important to register using the county link where the first dose was received. This will ensure the second dose matches the first dose as far as vaccine brand (i.e. Pfizer or Moderna).

The date on the vaccine card noting when the second dose is due is the suggested earliest date one should receive the second dose. It can be administered on or after that date. The series will not need to be restarted if you receive it after that date. We will be working to get all individuals as close to that date as possible.

We will use information from the survey to share information on the clinic you need to attend and will pre-register you for this clinic. Someone from the health department will call you to provide information on your clinic.

Individuals will need to bring the vaccine card received at the first dose with you to this clinic. Those who do not have their card with them, may experience additional delays, or may be turned away and rescheduled because we have to verify your first dose for safety reasons.

In addition, based on the new state guidance, for the week of January 19-22, ARHS has opened additional first dose COVID-19 vaccine registration for individuals in Group 1 – healthcare workers and Group 2 – adults 65 and older.

Anyone WHO HAS NOT RECEIVED THEIR FIRST DOSE and is interested in receiving the COVID Vaccine, should complete the registration form. Registration can be found here: .

ARHS has a set vaccine allocation for each county and the first individuals signed up and registered through the web link will be contacted to receive a vaccine appointment.

You can only register for one county – if you register for more than one county, your name will be removed. If you are contacted for a clinic and do not show up, you will be required to re-register.

This list will be used for pre-registration for future first dose clinics. If you are not pre-registered for those clinics, you will not be able to receive vaccine at that time. These clinics will be advertised to recipients only and will NOT be mass first come, first served clinics. If the link has been closed due to capacity, we may be downloading data.

If we have reached capacity, we will be opening a new registration on Monday, January 25.

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