First foal of the year born to Outer Banks wild horses

The Outer Banks’ wild horses have a new addition. [Corolla Wild Horse Fund photo]

The best news this morning from the Corolla Wild Horse Fund — the first foal of spring was spotted yesterday back in the woods and marsh on the Currituck Outer Banks.

Herd manager Meg Puckett said her team wasn’t able to get a close enough to determine the baby’s gender, but mom and foal are both in excellent condition.

The new addition is bay in color, meaning a brown body and black mane and tail, with two white socks and a star on his or her head.

Between four and six foals are born to the wild horses each year, Puckett said. The CWHF manages the herd of about 100 wild mustangs roaming the four-wheel-drive beaches and a rescue farm of about 15 horses.

“We will be giving all the 2020 foals ‘A’ names this year in honor of our sweet Amadeo,” Puckett said on Facebook. “He is surely keeping a close eye on this little one.”

Amadeo, a blind wild mustang living at the rescue farm for the last 20 years, died earlier this year.

Puckett said the happy news comes at a much needed time for all of us.

Mom and new baby are doing well. [Corolla Wild Horse Fund photo]“I’m all about spreading good news these days,” she said. “Can’t wallow too much if we can help it. The horses are really good about that – they carry on with life regardless of what nonsense us humans get up to.”

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