Dare Health Department: COVID-19 may spread be spread by asymptomatic individuals

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In North Carolina, there are currently 1,584 cases of COVID-19 in 79 counties. There have been nine fatalities in NC associated with COVID-19. Currently, the state is reporting 204 hospitalizations across the state from COVID-19 illness.

  • 53% of COVID-19 cases in NC are people between the ages of 18 and 49
  • 26% are people age 50-64
  • 19% age 65 and over

In Dare County, two positive test results have been reported. Both cases have been linked to travel or direct contact. There are no indications of community-wide spread. The first individual reported has fully recovered. The other individual is doing well and improving each day. Dare County Department of Health and Human Services will continue to report on any positive case as soon as possible.

As Dare County Health and Human Services Director, Dr. Sheila Davies will explain in her daily video update, COVID-19 is a novel virus, meaning it is new and not everything is known about how the virus works. It is possible there are individuals who have the virus and are spreading it, yet have no symptoms. The CDC has reported as many as 25% of people infected with COVID-19 may not show symptoms.

Given the uncertainty of who may be carrying this highly contagious virus, social distancing is the most effective form of prevention. Stay at home other than for essential work or needs. Limit direct contact and ALWAYS maintain at least 6 feet of distance between you and others, except for direct family members. Practice all guidelines included in the Governor’s Stay at Home Order each and every day – Stay at home except for essential work or to visit essential businesses, to exercise outdoors, or to help a family member. Do not gather in groups of more than ten people and stay at least six feet apart from others.

These orders are in place to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and lessen the number of sick individuals. Everyone in Dare County should restrict travel. Before you decide to get in your car and go somewhere, please ask yourself, “Is this a necessary trip for me to make? Am I going for an essential need?” and “Is my travel going to put me at risk of picking up the virus and potentially spreading it to someone else?

Assistance for Those in Need
If you find yourself struggling during these difficult times, please use the resources available in our community that are there to help you. Whether you need support with basic needs like food or you need emotional support, Dare County is fortunate to have resources to assist. A list is available at www.darenc.com/covidresources.

In addition, the federal government has launched a website with information on more than 1,000 federal and state benefits. Benefits.gov has a questionnaire that will direct eligible individuals to a list of resources, including food stamps, unemployment benefits, healthcare benefits, emergency business loans, and more.

For those able to financially assist others in need, please consider making a monetary donation to a local non-profit that works to assist those needing assistance. This crisis is creating hardships for many in our community and the needs will increase over time as this crisis continues.

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