Brindley Beach: Free meals for kids bring sense of normalcy

[Photo courtesy North Carolina Department of Education]

It is amazing how many good things are happening around us. Sure things are upsetting right now, but scratch a little bit beneath the suave and it is remarkable how creative and generous people can be.

All North Carolina schools are closed until May 15. Not really closed, rather everyone is taking online classes. We’ll talk about what some of the teachers are doing to reach out to their students later, but for right now there is something else Dare County Schools is doing that is wonderful and needs to be called out.

DCS is providing a free breakfast and lunch for any Dare County child 18 and under. That’s right…0-18.

Why the Age Range

For a couple of reasons the decision to do that is really important.

Every school system has a number of students who qualify for a free or reduced cost meal. Dare County has no where near the number of urban settings, but there are still quite a number of kids who rely on the schools for breakfast and lunch.

The feeling was that those kids still needed the nutrition.

There was something else that came out in a recent news story about the article. Keith Parker, Digital Information Director for DCS was quoted as saying, “This is a really unusual, unprecedented time for all of us. If the kids are able to show up and get a meal every day, that’s something that is consistent, that’s normal. They can see their cafeteria lady that they saw at their school. That adds a level of normalcy to this very unnormal situation…”

And the 0-18 ages? Someone pointed out that if a mother pulls up in a car with three kids in it, two school age and one not in school yet, it would not be a pretty scene when the youngest did not get a meal.

Here at Brindley Beach Vacations, we want this whole episode behind us as much as anyone else. The best way to do that is keep it clean, wash your hands, keep a respectful social distance and get some fresh air. We’ll see you when things are back to normal.

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