Orville is back at the Wright Brothers National Memorial

Returning Orville to the memorial. [NPS photo]

The bust of Orville Wright stolen from the Wright Brothers National Memorial last fall has returned.

On Friday morning, staff returned the reproduction Orville bust “to its wright-ful place atop Big Kill Devil Hill,” the National Park Service said in a Facebook post.

Orville is back at the memorial. [NPS photo]Damage to the bust and the bust’s heavy granite mounting base required repairs before they could be placed back at the foot of the Wright Brothers Monument across from brother Wilbur.

Orville was stolen from the memorial in Kill Devil Hills in October, and found a few days later by a beach visitor, tucked in a dune between mileposts 8 and 9.

No arrests have been made in the theft.

Entrance fees to the Wright Brothers Memorial are currently waived.

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