Permanent residents of Currituck, Hyde allowed entry to Dare County without permit

Checkpoint at the foot of the Wright Memorial Bridge on March 17, 2020. [Sam Walker photo]

In lieu of an entry permit, permanent residents of Dare and Currituck counties will be allowed entry with a valid North Carolina driver’s license with a Dare or Currituck county address or a government-issued identification card with a local address.

High demand for entry permits into Dare County has created difficulties for users trying to obtain them.

This applies to those from Currituck County who need to enter Dare County to conduct business, work or attend medical appointments. No one from Dare or Currituck County will be denied entry with proper identification.

The Ocracoke Observer reported that Hyde County residents have also been granted entry to Dare County, according to Hyde County spokesperson Donnie Schumate.

Non-resident property owners will be allowed entry with a current tax bill or parcel data sheet with matching current government-issued id or an entry permit with matching current government-issued identification. 

Non-resident employees that need to work in Dare County may show documentation providing proof of employment such as pay stubs or employee identification badges with matching current government-issued identification. 
In an effort to expedite traffic at the checkpoints, the Dare County Sheriff’s Office requests that all commercial traffic entering the county use the right lane and all regular traffic use the left lane. 

Kill Devil Hills
The Town of Kill Devil Hills’ top priority continues to be the health, safety, and well-being of its citizens. Offices at the Town Hall are currently open; however, access is restricted. Access into the Town Hall will be granted by an appointment only. If you have business with the Town call, email, or visit our website ( to schedule an appointment or to gain additional assistance. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Our goal is to continue to provide the highest level of service possible, while taking necessary precautions to protect both our staff and our customers.

Following the mayoral declaration of a state of emergency, the Town of Duck is implementing strategies to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and to protect citizens and staff. Residential and commercial collections will continue as scheduled. The Town Hall is currently open, but we ask that you call or email before visiting. We may be able to assist you remotely. The Public Safety building is closed to non-emergent issues, including facility tours and the T-shirt shop. Please call or email the office to ask how we may be able to assist you remotely. 252-255-1234 [email protected]. Non-essential Town events have been cancelled or postponed until April 15. This includes beach planting, lectures, and other community events. Plans for the Council meeting scheduled for April 1, 2020, will be evaluated and updates shared on the Town website, E-news, and social media channels. Please expect face-to-face meetings with staff to be postponed or conducted electronically.

Town of Kitty Hawk
The Town of Kitty Hawk offices are open normal business hours (8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.). However, in the interest of safety of our visitors and staff, face-to-face contact will be limited. Before visiting the Kitty Hawk offices, please check our website or call us at 252-261-3552 to discuss the best way to conduct business. Thank you for your cooperation and patience.  

Town of Nags Head
To ensure the safety of those needing to do business with the Town of Nags Head as well as our employees, to prevent the spread of COVID-19, please refrain from entering Nags Head’s Town Hall unless there is an absolute need.
Water and tax bills can be paid via the drop box near the flag pole in front of Town Hall.
For additional assistance, please call the following departments:
Planning Department – 252-441-7016 / 252-449-2002
Building Permits – 252-449-6048
Trade permits can now be applied for and issued online. Additionally, in some cases we are able to make arrangements over the phone or by email to coordinate the submittal of building permit applications and materials, issue permits and take payments. If you need assistance or would like to discuss how we may be able to meet your needs remotely, please call 252-441-7016 or email [email protected].
If you have other questions:
Receptionist – 252-441-5508
Water – 252-449-2004
Taxes – 252-449-2008
Town Manager’s Office – 252-449-2021
Town Clerk’s Office – 252-449-2009
Police Department (Non Emergency)– 252-441-6386 / 252-449-2026 
Fire Department (Non Emergency) – 252-441-5909
Public Works Department – 252-441-1122
To meet the needs of the public at this time, water disconnections will be suspended, but all fees will still be charged.

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