Video: Dare County Schools Teacher and Principal of the year

Dare County Schools’ Teacher of the Year Justin Paxton and Principal of the Year Beth Rooks. [photo courtesy DCS]

The 2020 Dare County Schools teacher and principal of the year both come from Cape Hatteras Secondary School of Coastal Studies.

Art Teacher Justin Paxton was selected to serve as this year’s District Teacher of the Year. Paxton’s community mural art project has inspired many students, teachers, and business leaders to get involved in the Hatteras community.

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Cape Hatteras Secondary School Principal Beth Rooks was named the 2019-20 Principal of the Year last May.

Rooks is in her eleventh year in Dare County Schools, and said she is proud of the success and growth through the collective efforts of the community, parents, students, and staff.

Among the many accomplishments under her tenure, she is most proud of the student mentoring program, the teacher coaching initiative, and the strong partnership between Cape Hatteras Secondary School and the Cape Hatteras Community.

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