Nags Head lifeguard Austin Fallon honored for dramatic September rescue

Look at the size of the waves pummeling them as they tried to make it to shore. Nags Head, NC. By Cyndi Goetcheus Sarfan

The Nags Head Board of Commissioner’s has recognized Ocean Rescue Division lifeguard Austin Fallon with a Lifesaving Award after a dramatic ocean rescue this summer.

Chief Randy Wells and Ocean Rescue Captain Chad Motz presented the award to Austin for a heroic rescue performed in September, finishing out his second year on the ocean rescue team.

During the busy September storm season, which created rough seas and dangerous surf conditions on our coast, Austin was called to assist a swimmer in distress struggling to get back to shore. With red flags flying on that day, lifeguard Fallon’s swift lifesaving actions were able to bring the stranded swimmer to shore.

Nags Head Ocean Rescue lifeguards are trained to maintain concentrated observation of their duty area and its users in order to anticipate problems. They identify emergencies and quickly intervene with rescue measures. The lifeguards work hard to train daily so they’re ready to take on any situation that might occur.

“Congratulations to Austin on his award. We look forward to his return for another great 2020 beach season,” the town said in a news release.

Ocean Rescue Photo Credit: Cyndi Goetcheus Sarfan, CJ Newlife Photography.

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