Kitty Hawk police searching for suspect in illegal dumping at Walmart

Suspect vehicle in illegal dumping at Walmart. [Courtesy Kitty Hawk police]

Kitty Hawk police are looking for the person who dumped furniture and construction debris behind Walmart on New Year’s Day.

“Well, while many of us were enjoying our traditional New Years Day dinner it seems someone decided to pile their junk up behind Walmart at their dumpster instead of disposing of it the legal way,” the Kitty Hawk Police Department said in a Facebook post. “From the looks of it they were making room for all the new junk they received as gifts.”

The incident happened about 6:30 p.m. and the following items were dumped: a ping pong table, mattresses, a couch and assorted piles of construction debris.

The suspect vehicle is a black Chevrolet Silverado crew cab pick-up with silver factory wheels on the front and black wheels on the rear. The truck has stickers on the left rear window, a toolbox and was pulling a yellow colored trailer with a saw-horse, assorted tools and an extension ladder on it.

Suspect vehicle in illegal dumping at Walmart. [Courtesy Kitty Hawk police]

“Some may think that dumping their trash, refuse, crap, etc. in someone else’s trash can or dumpster is OK and doesn’t hurt anyone. Well, that’s not true. Homeowners and businesses pay for their containers and to have the trash picked up,” the department wrote. “Dumping is illegal in North Carolina and let’s face it, everywhere else as well. Whether it’s your neighbor’s trash can, a construction dumpster, a business dumpster or even open land it is illegal. Depending on the size of the dump, fines and court costs can run into the thousands of dollars.”

If you have any information about this illegal dumper’s identification, please contact the Kitty Hawk Police Department at 252-261-3895 or send a private message on Facebook and someone will respond back to you. All information is confidential.

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