Video: The Lost Colony of Roanoke Island trends on Youtube

A video posted to Youtube on Tuesday has been one of the top trending videos on the website, reaching as high as number 14 on Christmas Day, and it’s all about The Lost Colony of Roanoke Island.

Boasting more than 3.4 million subscribers, LEMMiNO takes an in-depth look at the English expeditions to what became known as the Outer Banks in the 1580s, and what may have happened to the colonists that mysteriously disappeared.

There a few things in the video that could be nitpicked here and there, including a section about the controversial Dare Stones now proven to be total hoaxes. Many professional and amateur historians around Roanoke Island are going to have some things to say about it.

But it’s a decent overall summary of the Roanoke Voyages and the current state of the evidence for finding the Lost Colony, and includes a lot of details on what was discovered after the colony was lost.

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