National Thanksgiving Turkey candidates from N.C., one loves the Outer Banks

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While both of the turkeys up for a Presidential pardon on Tuesday are from North Carolina, one of the birds reportedly is a fan our little sandbar.

The National Thanksgiving Turkey Presentation is a tradition that first took off in 1947, according to the White House. The first president to grant a pardon came much later — President George H. W. Bush was the first to formally grant the bird a Presidential pardon in 1989.

On Monday, the National Turkey Federation introduced the turkeys to the world, when voting on Twitter started on which one President Donald Trump will pardon.

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CNN reports this year’s lucky birds, named Bread and Butter, spent part of the weekend at the Willard Hotel in Washington, D.C.

And it turns out, according to the White House Twitter account, Butter’s favorite pastime is to visit the Outer Banks.

Even though just one bird will get the pardon, both gobblers will be free to spend their retirement at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Va.

They’ll join previous pardon recipients: Peas and Carrots, Wishbone and Drumstick, and Tater and Tot.

The act of gifting a turkey to a president has been around even longer, according to the White House Historical Association.

“While 1947 was the beginning of the official turkey presentation from the poultry industry, the turkey pardon remained a sporadic tradition,” a statement from the association read. “In December 1948, Truman accepted two turkeys and remarked that they would “come in handy” for Christmas dinner.”

The voting concludes on Tuesday at 11 a.m. just before a ceremony at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington.

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