Elderly wild mustang Captain euthanized as condition declined

Captain was in his 20s and was removed from the beach this summer for treatment. [Photo courtesy Corolla Wild Horse Fund]

Captain, an elderly wild stallion removed from the beach in Currituck this summer due to an abscess on his face, broken teeth and a severe sinus infection, has been euthanized after a decline in his quality of life.

“Captain was in his mid- to late-20s and was suffering from emaciation due to dental problems. We were able to make Captain comfortable by flushing his impacted sinus cavity and floating his teeth, but unfortunately the hole caused by his abscessed tooth was getting bigger and bigger as Captain’s ability to eat properly improved,” the Corolla Wild Horse Fund said in a Facebook post Monday morning.

“Because of his age and the state of his mouth our vet recommended that we do the humane thing and end his suffering, and we knew it was the right course of action. He was done fighting, and ready to let go.”

In the post, herd manager Meg Puckett said the old mustang “died safe, loved, and well-fed.”

“He was one of the kindest, most gracious stallions any of us ever worked with. He helped us as much as we helped him; he was a ray of light after a long, difficult summer,” she wrote. 

“Run free with your ancestors, Captain. We love you very much.”

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