Ocracoke Observer: Curfew lifted but re-entry restrictions to Ocracoke remain in place

New sign outside the Ocracoke Variety Store. [photo courtesy Tideland EMC]

The Hyde County Board of Commissioners have lifted the Ocracoke curfew that has been in place since Hurricane Dorian hit on Sept. 6.

Re-entry restrictions are still in place and access to Ocracoke will remain limited to residents, property owners, and approved vendors and contractors, according to a press release issued Wednesday.

The Small Business Administration has received approval to extend operations in the Ocracoke Joint Recovery Center until 4 p.m., Thursday, Nov. 7.

Hyde County urges any and all business owners and residents that have had any impact, physical or economic, to visit the Joint Recovery Center and meet with a customer service representative for one-on-one assistance.

The SBA loan application is the portal to all other disaster assistance programs. If you do not apply for SBA loan assistance, you will not be eligible for any other programs. The purpose of the loan application is to determine if your existing resources qualify you for a loan, grant, housing assistance, volunteer services or other types of disaster assistance.

Please remember that there is no obligation to take a loan. If you are not comfortable or do not wish to proceed, you always have that option. However, it is important that you apply, as other assistance that might become available often requires that registration with the SBA has been previously completed.

Disaster assistance programs will continue to be available after the Joint Recovery Center leaves Ocracoke, but access will be through the SBA website and will be much more complicated than if you simply go into the Joint Recovery Center and work with the representatives there.

The deadline for filing with the SBA for physical damage to your property is Dec. 16.

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