Copper bust of Orville Wright stolen from monument atop Big Kill Devil Hill

[@Samanth78434259 on Twitter photo]

The copper bust of Orville Wright on the plaza of the Wright Brothers Monument atop Big Kill Devil Hill was apparently stolen overnight, and the granite base where it was mounted was also damaged.

Samantha said she walked to the monument that is 90 feet above Kill Devil Hills to watch the sunrise on Sunday morning when she discovered the missing artifact.

The Orville bust sits on the northwest corner of the memorial. [submitted photo]

The busts of both Orville and Wilbur Wright were once housed inside the monument, but were placed outside some years ago. The interior of the 60-foot-tall pylon now only opens for special events.

Bust of Wilbur in the foreground, and Orville in the back. [NPS photo]

Comment from the National Park Service about the incident was not yet available. Stay with for more updates.

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