Rodanthe church opens to stranded travelers; serving dinner roadside

NCDOT photo of cleanup efforts Saturday afternoon on Hatteras Island.

Fair Haven United Methodist Church on Tradewinds Drive in Rodanthe has opened up this afternoon for travelers stranded by flooding, and will not only serve dinner at the church, but will walk dinner down the road for those “who need a bite to eat.”

Anyone in need is more than welcome to come stretch your legs, use the bathroom or take a nap in a pew. The nursery classrooms will be open for any that have small children and want to come let their kids play while they wait.

Pastor Tim Fitch said dinner will be served at the church at 6:30 p.m., and parishioners will be walking dinner down the road as well.

The church will remain open to come and go as they please until the road is open.

NCDOT said its crews are making progress this afternoon and they are “cautiously optimistic” that they may be able to open the road briefly before the next high tide.

“Please be patient,” they asked.

Fair Haven United Methodist Church is at 24240 Trade Winds Drive, Rodanthe.

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