Ocracoke Observer: New needs list for Ocracoke

The Ocracoke Volunteer Fire Department is the command center for information and aid on Ocracoke. [Connie Leinbach photo]

Ocracoke Disaster Relief has created a Facebook page, which people are encouraged to check in on to stay up to date with accurate information that actually comes from our team.

The following is what Ocracoke needs as of Sept. 19. Before purchasing any of these supplies or planning a trip to Ocracoke with them, please contact ocracokedisasterrelief@gmail.com.

Most critical needs are in bold:
Concrobium mold remover: need large quantities of this
Rubbermaid totes…these are a huge need for dry storage looking for 2,000
Damprid…high need as wellGenerators: gasoline-powered; looking for 5 of these
Shop Vacs: seeking 200 if possible
Dehumidifiers: Need 150 if possible
Air Movers: need 50
Power Washers: need 50
White Distilled Vinegar
Respirator Masks
Laundry Detergent
Paper Towels Bulk quantities
Toilet Paper Bulk quantities
Head Lamps
Oxi Clean Powder
Generator oil
Ballistol (similar to WD-40, but better at repelling sand)

Knee Pads
50-gallon trash cans
Pump sprayers
Heavy duty extension cords 50-ft;12-gauge
Regular Brooms and Dust Pans
Duct Tape
Utility Knives
Leaf Rakes
Gas Cans
Safety goggles
AAA Batteries
AA Batteries
Work gloves
Flat shovels
Bug repellent
Fire extinguishers
Smoke detectors

The following is a statement from the Ocracoke Disaster Relief Team:

“While the team does its best to keep everyone updated on our community needs, that list is incredibly fluid, and we want to best serve those caring individuals looking to aid our community in this difficult time.

“The ferry routes are rigorously monitored, and NCDOT requires us to validate those interested in bringing supplies 24 hours before their arrival. Any parties who arrive to the ferry without validation, unfortunately, will not be allowed to make the crossing to Ocracoke.

“Thank you so much for your patience and understanding while we coordinate the relief effort. The road ahead is long and difficult, but with the support of the Ocracoke Community near and far, we will rebuild.”

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