Ocracoke Observer: Ocracoke water is OK; information regarding electricity

The view outside the Ocracoke Fire Station on Thursday, Sept. 12, 2019. [Connie Leinbach/Ocracoke Observer photo]

The Ocracoke Observer has the latest information updates for those on and off the island, as the village continues to recover from Hurricane Dorian.

Sept. 12, 2019. Day seven post-Hurricane Dorian on Ocracoke, N.C.

Ocracoke water is good to go: Ocracoke tap water is OK to drink as of today (Sept. 12), the Ocracoke Sanitary District announced at 11:47 a.m.

Electrical update from Tom Pahl, Ocracoke’s county commissioner. This information replaces a previous post about teams of electricians, which are not needed:

About half of the full-time residents are still without power. Either their meter was pulled, or they have a meter and they don’t have electric flowing for whatever reason. Almost all of those houses have some circuits that were under water.

Homeowners need to contact a licensed electrician. Here are licensed electricians: Andy Todd, 252-588-0468, Don Bachman, 252-921-0900, and Sandy Yeatts, 3252-921-1831, Roscoe Modlin, 252-926-1831, and Robert Radcliffe, 252-943-4958.

Here’s how it will work:

When a homeowner calls, that electrician will go and investigate. There may be other problems. Most of problems are due to meter pulls.

They will look at the box, determine the work needed, depending on how much your place was underwater. Then, they will look at the electrical system throughout the house, determine what else needs to be done and execute the job, although they may need to come back later to finish the job after the meter is installed.

After that, the electricians will complete paperwork for John Contestable, the Hyde County building inspector, who will sign off on it.

Contesable will give that paperwork to Tideland, who will then install the meter. This can be possibly be done the same day although maybe not since all are very busy.

With off-island electricians, Hyde County will check their license before they get on the manifest to get on the ferry. When they get here, they have to meet with Contestable to go over the ground rules.

Ocracoke welcomes all licensed electricians to contact us and be a part of this process. Contact Tom Pahl at 860-933-0259.

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