Manteo asks for conservation efforts as sewer plant is running on generator power

Downtown Manteo saw minor storm surge flooding twice on Friday. [John Harper video]

The power issues on Roanoke Island are having an impact on the Town of Manteo’s sewer system, and customers are asked to limit their water usage to minimize any problems.

“Sewer and water staff have been working since last night to mitigate these impacts, including the use of pump trucks and installation of an emergency generator until power is restored,” the town said in a Facebook post.

“Even if you have power from a backup generator or other source, please conserve water to minimize flows into the sewer system,” according to the post.

Water conservation efforts include not running dishwashers and washing machines, limiting the amount of water used for showering, and limiting toilet flushing.

Storm surge from Hurricane Dorian also flowed into the town sanitary sewer system, and portions of roads at three locations in downtown have been closed due to wastewater contamination.

The closures are around the manhole at Fernando and Agona, at the entrance to the weather tower parking lot and near the entrance to Magnolia Pavilion.

Barricades and signs have been placed at these locations to prevent access by cars or pedestrians.

An update from the town will be provided within 24 hours, the town said.

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