Look up! Two meteor showers peak overnight

NASA image of a fireball from a past meteor shower.

Two meteor showers peak overnight tonight, July 29-30, and their shooting stars should be visible along the East Coast.

The Alpha Capricornids and the Delta Aquariids both radiate from the southern sky, but you should be able to spot them from anywhere in sky.

The Alpha Capricornids won’t produce an excess of meteors, rarely more than five per hour, but is expected to put on a show with “a number of bright fireballs,” the American Meteor Society writes on its website.

To see the Delta Aquariids shower, look to the lower southern sky, with the possibility of 20 or more meteors per hour. They won’t be as bright as the Alpha Capricornids, the society says.

Accuweather.com says the best time to look for meteors will be after midnight. But those who head out earlier should still be able to see some streaks across the sky.

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