As nesting winds down, Cape Point begins opening up

A least tern chick at the Cape Point area. [National Park Service photo]

Originally published by the Island Free Press

The Cape Hatteras National Seashore (CHNS) has made an adjustment to beach access at Cape Point in Buxton as the shorebird nesting season begins to wind down. On Friday morning, July 26, a path at the southwest corner of the Cape Point protection boundary was established to provide pedestrian access to the south-facing shoreline near the tip of Cape Point.

The path from the protection boundary to the south-facing beach is approximately 500 feet, and once on the south-facing shoreline of Cape Point, visitors can walk approximately 4/10 of a mile to the west, and 250 feet to the east.

Extra room for ORV vehicular parking on the edge of the protection boundary and the new pedestrian path has also been established as of Friday morning. ORVs can continue to travel .61 miles south of ORV Ramp 44 to reach Cape Point.

The tip of Cape Point closed on May 6 due to a large colony of least terns that were nesting in the area. A protection buffer still remains in place at the tip of Cape Point to protect least tern eggs and chicks.

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