Corolla Wild Horse Fund looking for wild mustang struck by vehicle

Wild horses on the beach. [Courtesy Corolla Wild Horse Fund]

The Corolla Wild Horse Fund, caretakers of the wild mustang herd living on the northern Outer Banks, is looking for a horse struck by a vehicle in the Swan Beach area Friday night.

The incident happened about 9 p.m., and while the vehicle involved sustained significant damage, the horse ran off, the CWHF said in a Facebook post. The driver did stop and called in the accident.

Staff, volunteers and Currituck County Sheriff’s deputies searched for the horse late Friday night, but couldn’t find him in the dark. The search resumed Saturday morning, but the horse still hasn’t been found.

“We have seen all of the harems we know to frequent that area and all of those horses seem fine,” the fund said. “There are other horses (mostly bachelor stallions) we are still looking for.”

If you are in Swan Beach, between Penny’s Hill and MM17, let the fund know if you see any horses with injuries by calling 252-453-8002.

“We’re hopeful that any injuries the horse sustained are not life threatening and do not require any intervention,” the fund said.

Caretakers are pleading with everyone who travels the beach to slow down and use extreme caution.

“The horses are incredibly difficult to see in the dark and they do frequent the beach at night,” the fund said.

Last June, a mustang was struck and killed by a vehicle in the four-wheel drive area. Her stallion stayed over her body through the night, even after she was covered by a tarp.

The CWHF manages a herd of about 100 Colonial Spanish mustangs roaming the beaches and dunes of the northern Outer Banks and a rescue farm of about 17 horses.

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